Thursday, October 29, 2015

Urns & Outs: The Memorial Idea

(As published in the Dead Beat magazine, Oct. 2015)

From “The Memorial Idea” – by Jason Ryan Engler.
MEMORIAL: the very word stirs within our hearts and minds the fond, yes reverent, recollections of those near and dear to us, who have passed beyond our human contact, but of whom recollection is very sacred. Beloved grandparents, parents, a spouse, child, sibling, our friends; our heroes and role models some of whom we may not have personally known, but who, through lives of generous sacrifice of self or service have endeared themselves to and inspired their fellow man.
Memories. How dear they are to us. How we cherish them, and live again a companionship we loved, a tender relationship we experienced. Surely this idea is worthy of preservation and perpetuation. As you have stood at the memorial of the victims of great tragedy, or at the resting places of the great men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, have you not considered the contributions and sacrifices, however great or small, they have made to who we are as a people? Have you not felt within your heart a flood of overwhelming emotion?
As you think of those friends, those loving companions of your former days who have crossed to the Beyond ahead of you, do you not cherish a warm affection within your soul that is very sacred? Isn’t it fitting – isn’t it appropriate, that such thoughts be expressed through tangible forms?
It is our obligation, our duty, as caretakers of the dead and the living who survive them, to heed this call, to fulfill this sacred trust for the sake of humanity, as well as for the preservation of the future of our professions.
This is the “Memorial Idea!”